A New Podcast for Video Creators, Filmmakers, Animators & more!

A New Podcast for Video Creators, Filmmakers, Animators & more!
March 31, 2018 Adrian Thompson
Depth of Field Podcast

Conversations with Industry Professionals

There’s a lot happening in the creative space, and when we’re so focused on our specifics roles we can easily miss valuable lessons being learned by the others around us. The Depth of Field podcast is focused on bringing about honest, informative interviews about the successes and failures among the changing landscapes in all areas of the creative industry as well as practical advice that you can start using today.

The goal of the podcast is to give you insights into the professional lives of creative professionals and inspire you from outside of your own creative space.  All of the episodes can be found here, on Google Play, or iTunes and others.

The Latest Episode

Check out the latest episode featuring Andrew Cherry, an illustrator and storyboard artist, as he gives us an inside look at the industry along with valuable tips for improving our pre-production process.

Andrew Cherry on the Depth of Field Podcast


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