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Why did I start Plot?

“After creating animated videos for over 7 years, I came to despise how tedious it was to format and edit a basic storyboard template. I believe we should feel empowered to organize our ideas quickly and effectively. Plot was designed so you can focus on the most important part of your project: the story.”

Adrian Thompson
Founder, Plot

Are you storyboarding the old way?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You’ve spent hours organizing your story… placed all your images, and ordered the scenes just right. Things are going well, then that dreaded moment arrives: you realize you should insert one more scene at the beginning. Wait… you’re storyboarding on a template… you can’t just insert a scene. Frustration bubbles to the surface as you copy, paste and move 32 scenes, just to make room for one more. How barbaric. Okay, whatever, it’s done (so you think).

Time to let your producer to see the progress: first export a PDF, then open your email, write a message, upload the attachment, send it and eagerly await their response. A few nervous hours pass when you finally receive a reply,

“Thanks for this first round, it’s really coming along! I didn’t know the best way to leave feedback, so I drew some notes on your PDF and saved it as a new file. Please see the attached.”

A bead of sweat forms on your brow as you open this mystery document. Your worst fears are confirmed when you see the requests piling up, “Let’s delete this scene… put 2 more action sequences here… can we rewrite the script in this section?”

Don’t you value your time?

By accepting the storyboard process as “tedious”, you’re distracting yourself from the most important part of your project: the story. Not only that, you’re wasting time. Time that translates into lost money. With Plot, you can build a 20 scene project in less than 3 minutes—that’s over 3x faster than a static template—and it gets even better from there!

  • Need to insert another scene? Click.
  • Draw some images? Done.
  • Invite people to make changes? Heck yes.

This is the easiest decision you’ll make today!

We’re offering a 100% free account, to experience the benefits of Plot with absolutely no risk. Seriously, what do you have to lose? The choice is yours: you can keep doing storyboards the old way, but why would you?

You’re just seconds away from putting the joy back into storyboarding!


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Sketch new ideas or leave feedback on existing images.

Plot, free storyboarding software, quickly sketch your frames with our drawing tool.

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Plot, free storyboarding software, dynamically links your script.
Plot, free storyboarding software, uses drag & drop simplicity.

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Arrange scenes and place images however you like.



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