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Why Use Plot?

Your Video Needs a Roadmap

Save time

Finish your videos faster.

Save Money

Avoid mistakes in production.

Stay Focused

Concentrate on your story.

Be Organized

Keep feedback in one place.


Work with any size team.

Inspire Creativity

Experiment with new ideas.

How It Works

Make Storyboards in
4 Easy Steps


Add Script

Break your text into scenes with a few clicks.

Add script, typically a voice over narrative, to your storyboard project.


Add Images

Upload your own pictures or create them with the smart drawing tool.

Upload images, or draw your own, and place them on your storyboard with ease.



Share your work with teammates to review, comment and edit.

Invite collaborators to review, edit and leave comments to your storyboard.



Download a PDF of your storyboard for offline viewing.

Export a PDF version of your storyboard.

Easy to Learn

Cover the Basics in 8 Minutes

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