2 Easy Steps to Kick Start a Marketing Video in Quarantine

2 Easy Steps to Kick Start a Marketing Video in Quarantine
July 20, 2020 Adrian Thompson
Working on marketing videos from home.

By now we all know “times are strange.” You’re already in the process of adapting to the new normal and it’s no different with video marketing. As you plan your next steps for releasing content, how can you help get the ball rolling on new projects?

Whether you’re a part of an internal team or a marketing director looking to outsource to a studio, these 2 simple tasks will dramatically improve the momentum into your next production.


Recommended tool: Google Docs.

After 8 years of producing explainer videos, the most useful skill I’ve developed is the ability to simplify complex enterprise language into a digestible narrative that reads under 2 minutes. You may not be able to do that, but that’s okay. There’s some really simple ways you can help someone tackle this task.

Create a bullet point outline of key points the video should cover.

You know your product or service and audience better than anyone else outside of your company. What basic information does your video need to cover? Don’t overthink this, and don’t worry about the total runtime yet, include what sounds right. Here’s an example:

  • Pain point of manual method.
  • Our product is 5x faster.
  • The process is 3 simple steps.
  • Recommendations from high profile users.
  • Call to action.

Paste existing brand copy for reference.

Now that you have an idea of the information that will be covered in the video, find any existing copy of your brand and literally copy and paste it into the same document. Having quick access to brand approved copy that’s relevant to the strategical narrative of the video will help a scriptwriter tackle the first draft much faster.


Recommend tool: Plot. Organize text and images together with easy collaboration.

Now that you have a crude script outline, you can start throwing in some images that are relevant to the copy. Don’t be shy, the more the better: user interface screenshots, brand designs, stock graphics, icons or images of people performing similar tasks are all great ways to help your video creator’s understand the bigger picture. When using a storyboard maker like Plot, you can add and create reference images for specific portions of text.

Helpful resources:


Communication is the biggest challenge when it comes to creative work. By performing these two critical steps of pre-production your video creator’s are setup for success. Are you looking for a reliable team to produce your next marketing video? I’ve been working with the same talented crew at Modio since 2013 and we would be happy to help! Send me an e-mail: adrian (at) modio.tv.


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