Top Websites for Stock Music, Voice Over & Sound Effects

Top Websites for Stock Music, Voice Over & Sound Effects
August 18, 2017 Adrian Thompson
Best Websites for Stock Music, Voice Over, Sound Effects

Sound is half the experience of a video, but in this case, the cost doesn’t have to be proportionate to it’s value! The only reason that’s the case, is because of these amazing services and assets.

It’s worth mentioning that neither Plot, nor myself, are associated with any of these companies and we aren’t receiving anything in return for writing about them.

Voice Over

Getting voice over talent for your video couldn’t be any easier. With, simply post basic information about your project, select a few characteristics and set your budget. Within 2 days, hundreds of voice over auditions will be ready for your consideration. The hardest part is listening through them to find the best fit. For a one to two minute video, you can usually estimate a budget around $250, but sometimes you’ll need to bump it up to $500 if you have trouble finding the right talent.

Stock Music

Music is the easiest way to add more emotion to your video, and this is the perfect place to find high quality tracks at an unbeatable price. You can search by genre, mood or popular artists. I’ve noticed these same tracks being used on high-end TV commercials and radio spots, so it’s becoming a common resource among top agencies too—which is a good sign. The best part? A track only costs $49 for a basic license!

Sound Effects

Want to add sound effects to your next video without breaking the bank? this is a fantastic bundle that includes over 2,100 sounds. Created by my friend, Michael Jones, I can personally vouch for the quality of this product (he’s not paying me to say that, by the way). For $379 you’ll have a complete library that you can use again and again for years to come.

Spice up your next video with one of these awesome providers of audio magic. You won’t regret it.


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