Perfect Alternative to Boords, Online Storyboard Maker

Perfect Alternative to Boords, Online Storyboard Maker
November 15, 2018 Adrian Thompson
Plot is storyboard software built for every type of video creator.

Looking for a simplified, affordable alternative to Boords? You’ve come to the right place.
With Plot, the online storyboard maker, you get an all-around more intuitive option that can deliver what you need for half the price.

Here’s a list of 5 key benefits you’ll get from switching.

1.) Over 50% Less expensive

Plot costs over 50% less and doesn’t funnel you into complicated pricing tiers as your needs increase. If you have a team of 5+ on Boords, you would instantly save at least $600/year by switching, because Plot currently offers all it’s features on a base plan of just $10/mo or $90/year.

2.) Unlimited Collaboration

A big part of storyboarding is working with other people. That’s why Plot lets you invite unlimited team members, clients and colleagues to review and leave comments on your storyboard, without funneling you into new expensive pricing tiers. There’s also a Public Links option built-in, so you can share a read only version of your project without requiring people to signup or login. View a sample project.

Plot the online storyboard creator allows unlimited collaborators to view and comment on your project.

The collaborator invite window in Plot.

3.) Less clutter, Easier to Work With

Designed with everything you need—and nothing you don’t—so you and your team can focus on what’s most important: your story. Plot keeps onscreen elements and buttons to a minimum to give you (and your collaborators) a distraction free work area. The simplified look is welcoming to those that aren’t as familiar with the storyboard process so they can make reviews in confidence. Overall movements such as window resizing and edits also feel much snappier.

Plot is a simplified, more affordable alternative to Boords

A working storyboard project in Plot.

5.) Flexible image creator

Upload your own images, paste graphics from other websites or quickly draw your own, no matter your experience level. The built-in tool offers incredible flexibility for artists and non-artists alike, by allowing all layers to be moved and edited even after they’re placed.

Plot the free online storyboard maker includes a flexible drawing tool that works for everyone, no matter their experience.

Easily adjusting and creating assets inside of Plot’s drawing tool.

5.) Make outlines in seconds

You can transform your script into a perfectly formatted storyboard by adding scene breaks with a shortcut; all while keeping context of your narrative from toolbar on the right. Even if you delete a scene, your script will simply be moved to the scene next to it. This flexibility let’s you experiment with dicing and chopping your story into all sorts of configurations until you get scene placements just right, without a bunch of tedious copy and paste.

Plot the online storyboard creator allows you to quickly split your script into new scenes.

Using a shortcut to break script text into new scenes with Plot.

So, what are you waiting for? Plot is the perfect Boords alternative. Create your free storyboard today and see what you’ve been missing!


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