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Storyboards Made Easy: Build, Organize & Collaborate in Online

BEND, Oregon,  February 14, 2017 /Plot/

Plot was officially launched on January 1st, 2017. The software was born out of a frustration with storyboarding: the tedious formatting, overwhelming need for copy & paste, awkward management of feedback… the list goes on. The founder, Adrian Thompson, believes creative development for motion graphics and film is being hindered because of how tedious this process can be, “Storyboards are an incredible tool for refining visual ideas and saving money in production, but I’ve seen many artists skip this stage because it’s simply too time consuming,” Adrian said.

Traditionally, storyboarding has been done on paper, or using templates in a graphic design program. The main purpose of Plot is to cut through the extra steps; with it’s clean, simple interface, users can enjoy more flexibility when: (1) creating, adding and moving scenes, (2) gathering feedback from colleagues and (3) managing updates to their script.

“Ideally, every artist will be able to create as fast as they think, and the first step to doing that is to give them tools that make it possible,” Adrian concluded.

The future looks bright for productivity.

Adrian Thompson


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