Update Log


  • Fixed issue related to users receiving “Unauthorized” errors on shared projects.
  • Enabled spellcheck.


  • Changed free account limitations to: 3 projects, 1 collaborator & no exporting.
  • Comment markers are now removed from scenes when all comments on that scene are marked as ‘resolved’.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Added drawing tool. Sketch new images and add to existing ones.


  • Added notification e-mails to collaborators when new comments are added to a project.


  • Added Print & PDF export.
  • Added loading state for uploading images.
  • Fixed sharing for users with unique e-mail domains.
  • Fixed bug where deleted images would reappear.


  • Fixed Facebook login issues.
  • Fixed image ordering by filename.
  • Fixed issue where some users could not see their own comments.
  • Fixed other various bugs.
  • Added loading indicators.
  • Improved performance.